Why choose Novated Leasing?

Novated Lease

Maximise income

Increased purchasing power and tax advantages enable employees to make the most of their salary and potentially take home more pay.

Easy to manage

Simple repayments cover the finance and running costs, straight from salary to create easy budgeting.

novated lease

Discounts at every step

Unlike personal finance, discounts can be achieved on the purchase price, fuel, running costs and maintenance of a new or used vehicle.

novated lease

ORIX OneView

With a Novated Lease, online access to vehicle information via ORIX OneView enables full transparency of data and reporting every step of the way.

Find out how affordable Novated Leasing is

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See how little it will cost to drive a new car with an ORIX Novated Lease.

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Calculator assumptions

You can save 0000 per year on your car's finance and running costs with an ORIX Novated Lease

Weekly salary impact 0000

ORIX Novated Lease Calculator Assumptions

This Novated Lease Calculator uses a number of assumptions to provide you with an estimate of the Novated Lease cost and the potential savings from entering into such a lease. In most cases a formal quote will be less expensive than the indicative quote because of ORIX's buying power and refinement of estimated maintenance costs. The assumptions used by this Novated Lease Calculator are set in the Terms & Conditions.

To enter into an ORIX Novated Lease, your employer must also have a relationship with ORIX. Please contact us or your HR department if unsure.

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Benefits of Novated Leasing

Novated Leasing is often the best way to finance the vehicle that suits the family or lifestyle, offering flexibility, convenience, choice and cost savings.

The combination of fleet discounts, tax savings and full transparency makes the decision to Novate with ORIX and drive away in a great car easy.

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