The easy way to drive the car of your dreams

ORIX purchasing power

Leasing with ORIX enables access to fleet deals.

Discounts on running costs

Why pay full price when ORIX provides discounts on maintenance and repairs.

No establishment or amendment fees

Full transparency from start to finish.

Lease portability

ORIX makes it easy to move a lease when employment changes.

Market-leading online reporting

The ORIX OneView online portal makes it easy to manage a Novated Lease.

Dedicated Novated Specialist

At ORIX, a consultant is assigned so unlike other providers, there is no bouncing around a call centre.

Realistic maintenance budgets

Reasonable budgets so drivers can set and forget.

Independent objectivity

With no ties to any manufacturers, ORIX provides complete objectivity of vehicle choice.

Complete flexibility

Choice of vehicle, dealer, insurance, lease term and accessories.

Let ORIX make Novated Leasing work for you

  • Tax savings on fuel, running costs and maintenance
  • Simple application process
  • Flexibility when choosing lease type, vehicle, dealer and insurance
  • Market-leading Novated reporting
  • 24-hour access to driver assistance
  • Realistic maintenance budgets and residual values
  • Multiple fuel card options
  • Full transparency from start to finish
  • Dedicated Novated Specialist support
  • No amendment or establishment fees
  • Finance or Operating Lease options

Personalised. Transparent. Dedicated.

novated leasing

Personal service

With ORIX, a dedicated Novated Leasing Specialist is allocated to each enquiry to ensure that all the details of Novating are understood and a quote can be tailored to suit any lifestyle or budget.

Always there, always reliable

Comprehensive driver support service including a market leading online driver portal ORIX OneView, and the ORIX Companion App, ensures it’s easy to manage an ORIX Novated Lease.

Realistic and transparent budgets

Realistic maintenance budgets help drivers to stay on track throughout the term of their lease. Other providers can set unrealistic budgets, meaning drivers may have to pay more later in their lease.

Request a quote

Needing to know how much can be saved? Simply enter in your details and a Novated Specialist can provide a quote tailored specifically to individual circumstances so you know how easy it is to afford a new car.


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